Transport from and to Italy

We can arrange all your transports
from the Benelux countries to Italy.

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Why choose Zeegers Expeditie?
Zeegers Expeditie can be contacted 24/7 for all kinds of (rush) transports. We have a network of contacts throughout Italy who are instantly available for dedicated shipments, so that even the toughest of jobs are executed efficiently and punctually.
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More about Zeegers Expeditie
Toon Zeegers: 35 years experience in transport, including 25 years in specialised transports from and to Italy. Ted van Eldik: more than 15 years experience in transport from and to Italy. Started off as a truck driver, then switched to planning.
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What services are offered by Zeegers Expeditie?
Each week, we have twenty trucks driving from and to Italy. Trucks drive to northern Italy from Monday to Saturday. Departure days for southern Italy are Monday, Tuesday and Friday.
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Our agents

We have agents throughout Italy. They take care of the most complex deliveries and collections.

Through our regional agents we can get to city centres that are difficult to access and to the most desolate of mountain villages. It is important to know that international trucks will not get permission for this in Italy. Thanks to our network we can deliver properly and in a timely manner. Anywhere.

Furthermore, should this be necessary, our agents can temporarily store your goods.